Drone Operator - Downieville, CA - 3 Days - 10/20-25

Downieville, California

Aerial / Drone Videography and Photography

Sunday, October 20, 2019 for four days

1 credit

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Hi there,

I'm writing from a UK based production company called Cut Media. I'm looking to engage a local drone operator to shoot some aerial footage for 3-4 days in Downieville, CA. It'll be a small 'run and gun' type crew of 3-4 people. We are looking to capture aerial footage of people riding mountain bikes high on the trails in the Sierra Buttes region. We're looking for a drone operator with experience shooting action, such as mountain biking. Ideally this person will also be an experienced mountain biker as there will be some spots only reachable by bike.

If this sounds like something you could offer, i'd love to hear from you with Resume, reel, location and day rate.