Videographer - Bloomington, MN - 7/24

Bloomington, Minnesota

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 for one day

1 credit

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I need the RAW FOOTAGE ONLY - no editing. I will bring an external hard drive to the event for you to transfer footage to.

I am delivering a keynote on Wed. July 24th in Bloomington. It will be for a meeting happening from 11-1 pm that day. I'm speaking around noon.

Here are some suggestions from another videographer. Not sure if you can provide these, but let me know.

- 4K footage, if possible
- 24fps for stage footage and post-presentation footage
- 60fps or more for slow motion shots (please include a few of these during candid footage)

- One angle on Audrey - waist up, with a bit of headroom (about the top 1/8th of the frame) - moving with her at all times.

- Gimbal shot of Audrey on stage, from side of audience, moving past audience members

- 3-5 minutes (or more) of audience engagement footage (laughing, attention, smiling, etc)

- Focus on an audience member (back of head), then pan up to Audrey so the camera re-focuses on her.

- Candid gimbal shots of Audrey talking to an audience member small group of people. Orbit the group. Particularly capture smiling and laughing, if possible.

- In that same group or one-on-one conversation, film over Audrey's shoulder, looking at the other person - and some footage over their shoulder looking at Audrey.

- If possible, a stage gimbal shot would be great. Orbit Audrey on stage with the gimbal.