Props Master - New York, NY - Starts 2/13 (Date Flexible)

New York, New York

Art Department / Set Design / Props / Practical Special Effects

Tuesday, April 30, 2024 for three days

1 credit

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We currently have the need for very small latex balloons in sizes that are not available on the market. The size we are looking for are 1"-2" when fully inflated. Within those sizes, we need the latex balloon walls to be slightly thicker than normal because of the end purpose for these balloons.

Ideally you should be very familiar with using latex and able to achieve both the flexibility of the balloons for repeated inflations and also strength for the balloons to offer a higher degree of resistance compared to normal balloons.

Creating the ideal thickness and size of the balloons will require you to experiment with the dipping time (maybe dipping the mold for a longer time) or dipping frequency (maybe dipping the mold multiple times to ensure a thicker balloon wall) or liquid latex formula. You may also have to develop a custom mold for the latex dipping process.

Please let us know if this falls in line with your skills and if possible provide us a quote for this job. Work can be done remotely.
April 30 is the deadline.