Sound Design/ Engineering - San Francisco, CA - 11/10-14

San Francisco, California

Audio Production & Post Services / Sound Mixers

Thursday, November 10, 2022 for four days

1 credit

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I have a short film that is 15 minutes long, and we are looking for a sound designer + engineer to get it across the finish line.

The film is meant to look as if it is on VHS , and would like the sound design to play into that and use it to help tell the story. Whenever there is high tension / action in the film, the VHS glitches more so there is a lot to play with

The dialogue recorded on set is hit or miss, but we recorded another ADR layer so you wont be stuck with one, original dialogue track. The score has been mastered as well, and we have a good deal of sound effects already. However, being a horror film- the sound design is such an important element & we are totally open to this person being as creative as possible + taking liberties.

Happy to discuss the story as well!