Videographer/Photographer - London, UK - 10/25

Brighton, United Kingdom

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Monday, October 25, 2021 for one day

1 credit

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I'm Margherita Maggi from Theoria event agency in Milan.
I'm emailing you because we are looking for a partner who can support us in a big and important project we are carrying out for one of our clients.

The goal is to create 6 video interviews with a very high and engaging cut, here is a reference, we'll do in Italy the editing work with your row footage, I'm showing you the reference to give an idea of the shooting we need!

The Video must have Quality: 4k, 1920 × 1080 pixels

Half a day is required for filming and you'll do the recording in the
artist's studio. We don't have time to do a site so it's better for you to bring all the lights, microphone and tolls you need.

Interview to the Artist
Language: each Artist will speak with his own language

Questions (we'll share the following questions to the artist before)
Why did you accept the invitation?
What does the paper box represent for you?
Piece of art: What inspired you to make this?
What techniques did you use to create it?
What does creativity mean to you?
What is your inspiration?
Why did you take up this career, what inspired you?
How do you approach sustainability in your work?

During the recording the artist is asked not to wear the mask
When answering the questions it is required to start by repeating the question (e.g. What is your favourite book? My favourite book is...)

Technical details and frames info:
Framing: 1st camera moving + 2nd camera fixed on the artist (medium close-up)
Framing mandatory to record
Hands touching paper / piece of art / tools
Sketches and drawing, material used, available in the studio
Lights: Similar to LV’s video reference, natural light when possible

Paper Box in the Studio
Artist’s portrait
Artist with PIECE OF ART
Hands touching the Piece of Art
Details of the Piece of Art (open, closed)

May I ask you your quote for this work and your availability for next week and the week of the 25th?

I'll need you to send me the row footage and the edited photos.

I am of course available for a call
Thank you!