CGI Animators / Video editors - 10/8 - Eugene, OR

Eugene, Oregon

Animation / Gaming / Graphic Design / Digital Media

Monday, October 1, 2018 for one month

0 credits
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Large scale digital array project – partnering with Presentation Design Group

Presentation Design Group is a architectural design firm based in Eugene, Oregon.
We are in need of artists to help create video content for a large digital array in the California area.

Scale of monitors:
Tower digital array: 2560px W x 3600px H
horizontal digital array: 3840px W x 1440px H

The tower array of monitors is set aside for an artistic video expression. The themes tie into existing space's interior decoration nature themes. The expression is not a natural history narrative in terms of detail, but more artistic, but uses, to the best of our ability, real assets to convey movement and ideas.

The vision for the display is to provide a calming, majestic experience that encourages viewers to stop and look, maybe enough change for a child to find something interesting as well. – but the primary audience is definitely adult.

For this part of the project we will need someone that can render alpha channel animations of:
–whales swimming in water (a 3D model can be provided to you)
–billowing fog and mist effects that can be used to overlay video

Additional Project Requirements:

–Most clips on this display will be :30 seconds – but that is not a hard rule.

Must match or be minimum scale of monitors Video1A and Video1B if doing two clips.
Video size may be larger if that works, but should match scale of monitor groups.

Aspect Ratio:
16:9 combined to match Video1A and 1B collection of monitors

Maya, Blender, 3DS Max

PDG would provide the 3D models for this project or be supplied by the animator

–Full resolution uncompressed codec such as Apple Animation in .mov, .avi, or similar container.
–Must be exported with alpha channel for our video editor to use (assuming we will be layering in background water or effects in this instance)


We would like to have check in points periodically to make sure the project is on track.
The first examples we will show the client will be around October 8th

More documentation will be provided upon interest.