Professional Videographer To Shoot Customer Testimonial - 4/18 - Atlanta, GA Area

Atlanta, Georgia

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Sunday, April 18, 2021 for one day

1 credit

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Professional videographer needed to capture customer testimonial video and Lifestyle B-roll footage.

We just need the raw footage, no editing required.

Preferably 2 camera angles with quality audio and lighting.

Scope of work includes
- Visiting customer's residence
- Setting up and shooting interview
- acquiring quick lifestyle b-roll footage

B-roll could include walking around residence, looking at website on phone or computer, etc.
We recommend you ask what kind of hobby or recreation they like to do and see if it is realistic to get footage of it.
Again, we have had people go on a quick hike, walk their dog, ride bike, relax and chat with spouse, etc.

Interview location is at a customer the Northern part of Orlando, Fl.

Date included is approximate.

shoot could take about 1.5 hrs.

Will provide specific details and vision to ensure project is a success.

To be considered, please send recent work and / or demo reel.