Sound Recordist - Boston, MA - 2/1

Boston, Massachusetts

Audio Production & Post Services / Sound Mixers

Saturday, February 1, 2020 for one day

0 credits
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I'm Alex Gabbay, an independent producer/director from London producing a film on masculinity. Having shot extensively in Europe we have some interviews and filming opportunities in the US. One is Boston (Needham area) where are filming a workshop working with several men and a psychotherapist

It's on the 1st February and I'm looking for someone who is
1. interested in the subject
2. has their own equipment to record sound of individuals in a group situation
3. Is used to working on small scale independent productions and working closely with the director

Here is the short synopsis:

A boy asks his father "what makes a man a man?". In times of complex identity politics
men are being encouraged to redefine themselves. Patriarchy is being 'updated' and men are being asked to both 'man up' and to 'man down'. But what does this mean? The film explores masculinity and maleness and contemplates breaking though the boundaries of these definitions.