Quotes: Music Producer for Collaboration - Anywhere, US - 2/13 (Flexible)

Sterling Heights, Michigan

Audio Production & Post Services / Sound Mixers

Saturday, February 13, 2021 for one day

0 credits
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Hi, I'm very new at the business side of music, please forgive my ignorance. Wayne State University 2001-2005, 2012-2014 (yes lol), BMus horn performance.

I need to make a polished demo video of this original track - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsokwolh5BI

I'd like to work with GOOD recording equipment in a studio with GOOD acoustics and a GOOD technician. Someday, inshallah, I'll be a decent recording technician in my own right with a working home studio. I'm not there yet.

This demo was the first take, with a F/C drone on the headphones to keep me honest. I expect the in-studio time to go by real quick. Key will likely lie better for me in A or Ab. I haven't written the lead sheet yet because I'm not super committed to a specific progression, yet, and a more experienced jazz specialist would just plain write better chords than I would. Melody can obviously change quite a bit to fit the final progression.

I plan to write more songs in the future, would love to start a working relationship with management, legal, financial, composers, arrangers, performers, producers and any other musicians who are PASSIONATE about this demo. There is no room in this project for insincerity. And I'm DEFINITELY not asking for charity work. That's disrespectful. I've been there, myself. All contracts will be worked out in advance.

Budget is very flexible, because ***I have no idea what I'm doing*** or how many people I'll ultimately be working with. Dates are flexible because ***I have no idea WHEN I'm doing.***

If this demo SPEAKS to you, I could use all the help/advice/industry connections I can get, so I can write more songs I can be proud of, that hopefully help people stop being so defensive and learn to forgive themselves and each other in a country that desperately needs it, right now. We have precious little time.

Love you all