Name Actress for One Performance Play Reading

Frederick, Maryland

Talent / Casting / Agencies

Saturday, May 4, 2019 for one day

2 credits

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Seeking a name actress for a one performance play reading (new play, crime drama) in May 2019. Role breakdown at bottom.

We aim to put an enticing package together for name actress (door to door first-class treatment: chauffeured car, first class flight, five star accommodations). Performance in Frederick, MD (north of Washington DC).
Benefit event is annual fundraiser for 501c3, with proceeds going to help local children in need. 501c3 is also willing to donate a portion of proceeds to talent's charity of choice. This is an opportunity for a name actress, who may be out of the limelight, to perform a stellar role. (Next step is to take play to NYC for Off Broadway premiere; with opportunity for actress to star.)

Interested to build a relationship with a casting director to cast multiple events per year; this being the first event. Please, advise at the earliest convenience.

Thank you.

**BILLIE FINK (Female, 40s-60s): Competent and commanding civil rights attorney, believably transforms from expressing warmth and compassion to unleashing psychological intimidation and wicked verbal assaults when backed into a corner.