Ultra Low Budget: Videographer for charity event - Palo Alto, CA - 2/22

Palo Alto, California

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Saturday, February 22, 2020 for one day

0 credits
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My name is Terry Pirovolakis and on April 2nd of this year my beautiful and amazing son was diagnosed with an ultra rare disease called SPG50. This disease will take away his ability to use his limbs and degrade his mind. As parents we could not accept this fate and are working towards finding a cure.

On February 22nd we are hosting a worldwide hackathon in 7 cities across the world. We are looking for someone to help video the event for 3hrs and provide the footage to a PR/Marketing house in NY that will take all the feeds and bundle them togeather. All footage and work will be credited and I will include your company as a sponsor on HackingToCureMichael.com that will get a lot of press.
Hoping to find someone who can volunteer their service for this event. This will be on February 22nd @ 9pm-1pm at Amazon's office in Palo Alto

Thank You