Cameraman With Gear - Wichita, KS - 10/10 (flexible)

Wichita, Kansas

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 for one day

0 credits
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I've been approached by someone who saw my work at a fund raising event. (I'm in St. Louis, MO and do some memorable "story telling" for fund raisers). The woman who approached me is a pediatric neurologist and works with children who have severe rare diseases. These kids can't move...they can barely focus to use their eyes. But other than that, some have no muscle control whatever. She's asked me if its possible to do a video for a fund raising event that is raising money for rare diseases (this class of disease gets no federal funding because it serves a small percentage of the population, yet genetic breakthroughs will serve to help both rare and wide spread diseases in the future.)

One of her patients lives in Turin, KS--which lead me to you. I want to video tape the family the second week of October (and then someone who lives in Brooklyn!). It would be interviews with the family, perhaps the physician, and B-roll.

Obviously, there isn't a huge budget. I'm looking to use someone local for this, and looking to figure out how to do this as cost efficiently as possible

I'm trying to put a budget together for them to see if they can get funding approval. Interested? What might costs look like?

Thank you!