Live Streaming For A 3-Day Conference - Charlotte, NC - 10/8

Charlotte, North Carolina Local Vendors Only

Live Event / On Location Services / On-Set Services

Tuesday, October 8, 2024 for three days

1 credit

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Up To 325 In Person Attendees And 4000 Virtual Attendees
Scope: ACST Leadership desires to offer a hybrid conference experience, the 2024 venue limits in-person attendance to 325 registrants, which leadership felt was appropriate for resuming the in-person conference in 2024. This created a need to define additional options for over 21K customers to participate in the conference, the project team identified the option to stream sessions and boot camps. As a result, we will outsource all streaming products, services, and requirements to a 3rd party.

Ability to provide hardware, software, and technical services needed to stream up to 55 sessions and 5 boot camps over a 3-day conference
Demonstrated experience with hybrid - in-person and virtual - events nationwide
Demonstrated experience in streaming events with over 4,000 virtual attendees
Demonstrated experience with capturing live-streaming audio and video
Ability to record streaming content and provide editing services as needed
Demonstrated experience working with Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo or like for streaming sessions lasting longer than 75 minutes
Ability to manage and direct remote teams that will be responsible for operating necessary hardware for streaming
Ability to obtain liability insurance to meet the requirements of the venue for the event
Must name venue as additional insured

Choose 1 vendor to provide hardware, software, and services to support streaming over 55 sessions and 5 boot camps.
Outsource the entire contract to 1 vendor who will provide all equipment, services, and personnel needed for a 3-day hybrid event.