Cinematographer - Bloomington, IN - 5/28

Bloomington, Indiana Local Vendors Only

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 for one day

1 credit

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We are reaching out to inquire about your services as a professional cinematographer for an upcoming project in Bloomington.
We are in need of a skilled cinematographer to shoot a video showcasing our own drones in action. The location will be in Bloomington, and we are looking for someone who can capture dynamic and visually stunning footage that highlights the capabilities of our drones.
If you are available and interested in working with us on this project, we would appreciate receiving a quote for your services. Please include details such as your rates, availability, equipment you will provide, and any additional services or expertise you can offer.
Please provide reels and work samples upon contact.
Email contact is highly preferred.