Stunt Team and Choreography - 2/6 (Flexible)- Nashville, TN

Nashville, Tennessee

Talent / Casting / Agencies

Tuesday, February 06, 2018 for two days

0 credits
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We've been shooting music videos for the last five years but it's first time we're considering a bar fight (specially a big one like this). We'll be in Nashville for 4 days, from February 5th to February 8th. There's one day we're shooting other stuff in the city, one day where we think we should "prep" the fight scenes on locations (camera angles, rehearsal with stunt team, etc.) and a complete day where we'll be shooting the real thing.

We have no idea how much this could cost, we were wondering if you could help us with a quote/suggestions. It's not a small production but it's not the biggest, we're trying to evaluate the cost of everything before going forward with this concept so this is where your expertise come in hands.