2d Animation for Indie Comedy Pilot - NY - 9/1/19

New York, New York

Animation / Gaming / Graphic Design / Digital Media

Saturday, December 15, 2018 for four months or more

0 credits
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The prototype of the episode is at vimeo.com or Vimeo > Mike Smolev > Too Beautiful For This Planet.

The prototype consists of mainly just static illustrations which I built in Adobe Illustrator using high-quality-artwork vectors licensed from Shutterstock and Pond5. What few animations it has I did frame by frame.

I want to see what my options are for redoing it with full animation - even if it means crude illustrations and crude animation - for festival submission.

I'm in the NYC area, but project can be done remotely.

Project date and length are approximations.

It would help me a lot if you can point to various clips of past work and say: "It would cost you this much to have it look like this, or that much to have it look like that," etc.