Low Budget: Cinematographer w/ camera and sound - Atlanta, GA - 6/24-25

Atlanta, Georgia

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 for two days

0 credits
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I am making a film, it will be a simple film about a man talking to his therapist. During their conversation they will talk about various topics involving each others life. It will be a 60 min conversation. I want you to record it in the most cinematic way possible.
We will shoot for 2 days (4 hours a day)
We will shoot 30 minutes of the conversation one day and 30 minutes the next day.

I can pay you $300 for 4 hours of work for each day totaling $600

if we're finished for the day before the 4 hour mark you will still receive funding of course.
NOTE: This is only a quote and do not have the means to start just yet if you accept.