Production Assistant/Camera Technician - Seattle, WA - 1/31 (Date TBD)

Seattle, Washington

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Monday, January 31, 2022 for three days

0 credits
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For a live broadcast in Seattle I'm looking for a PA/ Camera technician.

Tasks: Assisting with set-up for a remote camera kit. Kit is fairly easy & straightforward , (video)-manual is provided/technical assistance available via video call.

Day 1: Receive kit, check with the technicians in Amsterdam if everything still works after the shipment
Day 2: Tech check/set up the kit at the speaker's location and check if everything still works in that environment.
Day 3: Set up kit for recording + break down the kit and make sure the kit is ready for the shipment

2/3 days in the week from Jan. 31st. Exact dates tbd.