Videographer - SFO - 4/24

San Francisco, California

Camera Operators / Camera Crew

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 for one day

1 credit

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We need 2 4K cameras ( preferably a FS7 and a A7RII or III.) You will be filming an Medical Procedure in an OR. One camera will be locked off on a Console screen and other will be on a trip-pod following the action. A " one-man-band" audio set-up is all that is needed and you can record directly to camera. All Raw footage will be send delivered to the producer after the shoot for post.

-FS7 and A7RII or III
-transmitter and Receiver w/ Lav mic
-3-point lighting set-up for potential interview with the DR. after the shoot and maybe to expose to OR.
-27-32" Monitor for the Producer. Preferably one with a switcher to see whats happening on A and B cam
-Must have TB shots to shoot in a OR.