Landscape + Drone Photographer - Casper & Rawlins, WY -4/15

Casper, Wyoming

Aerial / Drone Videography and Photography

Thursday, April 15, 2021 for one day

0 credits
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We are devoted to changing the Real Estate/Land Sales business by streamlining the research process and providing all information possible for a customer to purchase their dream property SITE UNSEEN.

That is where we need your help.
The only way that is possible is by finding a quality land photographer/ Documenter to “Give the land a voice” and tell our property’s story.

If you are a nature lover and love to be part of an industry disrupting environment then this could be a great fit, as we are looking to continue business relationships with the photographers we find in the correlating areas.

Please read Scope of work below and view our website, listed below, to better understand expectations.


We have properties in the Casper & Rawlins, Wyoming area that we need documented for our online listings.

Exact size, address and coordinates will be provided.

Equipment needed:
- DSLR camera or Mirrorless for ground photos
- Drone with extra batteries for aerial photos/videos
- smart phone for app and gps

Please capture all photos using Landscape Orientation.
Shoot photos in RAW

We are hoping to receive couple video shots of each property as well.

NO NEED FOR EDITING, we will edit photos in-house.

Some of the features we need to capture include, but are not limited to the following:

Roads to and bordering the property, including street signs
Neighbors (We like to showcase nearby developed properties to show what is possible in the area.)
Please capture any Lines & Poles in close proximity
Nearby Points of Interest
Fire hydrants, sewers, drainage pipes, manhole covers, water meters, electricity (above & below
ground), telecommunication (above & below ground). Capture any markings, numbers, company
names or identifying information so we can call the service providers.
Trees & Foliage
Views from the property of hills, valleys, neighbors, roads, etc.
360 degree aerial views circling around the property
Wildlife if seen on and/or around the property
Evidence of wildlife: Tracks & Droppings

*We also may need you to capture Points of Interest located in the nearest towns. POI's could include but are not limited to,
-Grocery Stores
-Gas Stations
-Water Features (Rivers, Lakes)
-Parks/Public Land
-Area Attractions
(Confirmation and more detail will be provided for exact locations needed) *

Some last words on expectations are,

On your way to the properties:
Starting with the nearest main Highway all the way to the property, Be sure to hop out of the car at each road and intersection an get a quality wide and zoom shot. Also, at each of these points, you will turn in a circle snapping photos, like for a big panorama, so as to document what is around each point.

In regard to shooting photos at the property:
Think of yourself as a documentary photographer capturing the story of the land, so there is never such thing as too many photos. We expect about 200 photos of each property (Ground and aerial included) So be sure to Walk through and around the property, Clicking away! It may seem monotonous, but let our Land Specialists decide what info they want to use in the final presentation.

Lastly, at the POI's:
No need to shoot the roads to these. Just grab a good wide and zoom, also doing the 360 panorama (Turn 360 and keep clicking the camera) at each point. If you go to a park, be sure to get a little more footage of the park, signs, and amenities.


Be sure to study through our properties, both sold and available on our website in order to get a feel for the detail we expect.

You will be provided with detailed steps on how to access the property as well as
instructions on utilizing the MapRight App to help navigate.

If interested, email us with examples of work. Thank you!