Set Stylist/Clothing Stylist - West Bend, WI - 8/15-17

West Bend, Wisconsin

Wardrobe / Hair / Makeup

Monday, August 15, 2022 for three days

0 credits
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My team is looking to work with a set stylist for the an upcoming shoot. If the project goes well there will be potential for future gigs.

The stylist would be asked to steam, prep, and pin clothing for flat lay photography, style and set dress for stylized shots, and style clothing for on location lifestyle photography as well. Shoots occur roughly every two months and would be located in the West Bend, Wisconsin area or Iola, Wisconsin area as well. We are currently working on a new set build. Shoots could last up to 3 consecutive days but usually fall into a 1-2 day shoot. Creative input and direction would be welcome as we concept shots on the day.

The team is looking for exciting creative directions for our shoots and know a talented stylist can help make that vision.

Thank you for your time and consideration.