Hello, I am looking for a quote for a two week shoot in Washington, DC for a honey wagon the second and third weeks of February, 2018. Can you please provide one?
Short film in search for ambulance for one day in Jefferson City, Missouri. Plan is to shoot in mid-March 2018. Ambulance must have flashing lights, equipped with stretcher, and preferably local. Willing to entertain costs of travel for anyone outside of state. Unable to pickup. Must meet at…
Need a vehicle for Artist to use prior to show performance and after show performance before leaving venue. Date August 25 - from 12-12
Outdoor remote shoot so need production vehicle with all facilities.
Looking for Production vehicle to be used as control room for large soccer event. Mostly interested in desk space rather than lounge area. (12 - 20 people).( 1 week rental) Also need one vehicle set up as VIP lounge with Fridge and restroom. (only needed 3days) Vehicles will not be moved.…
Looking to rent a restroom trailer for a film shoot in Louisville for six weeks
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