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June 8 at Laurel Manor Lincoln Theater fund raising concert 6pm-9:30pm, set up as early as 4pm if needed.
Live Event Production Management / Show Services 2/4/2019
We are recording a small unplugged concert session, 3 day event. Need this mixed and recorded on site.
Audio Technicians / Audio Engineer / A1 / A2 5/3/2019
We are seeking an experienced live- switcher, switching between 4-5 cameras for a concert event in Times Square. Must have experience with Livestreams to youtube and facebook and be able to think quickly, cutting between camera's to produce the best show for the online audience. This is for World…
Video Engineers / Broadcast Engineering / Live Graphics Operators 5/1/2019
At Sunday, June 2nd I'll be having shooting in San-Fransisco, The video will be of a massive signing group performing a song together. you can see an example in this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZzK29_V8jQ I'm looking for a talented camera operator that will join our team (5 In total).…
Camera Operators / Videographers 4/23/2019
I am doing a live concert at Calvary Chapel Aiken, SC on June 14, 2019. I have all the equipment necessary and need a sound engineer to mix. The equipment I have is a Mackie DL1608 digital board that runs off an iPad tablet using Mackie app called Master Fader. (I have the iPad) I have two Mackie…
Audio Technicians / Audio Engineer / A1 / A2 4/24/2019
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