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I'm looking for an estimated cost on doing a 1/2 shoot (interview style) with 2 cameras, plus sound, lights ect with a the possibility of a live stream as well.
ENG / EFP Camera Crews 5/17/2019
Gaffer - NYC - 5/21/19
New York, New York
Gaffer needed for a full day filming one subject in Manhattan studio space. Looking for a creative, cinematic lighting setup, not corporate. Some lights provided but happy to work with someone to get a really unique setup.
Gaffers 5/14/2019
Filming social media interviews in Jerusalem, Israel on May 26th, 2019. -Looking for locals only- Full day shoot Need a DP who can bring assistant -DP needs to compose shot along with assistant or gaffer (whichever preferred) -Run camera and setup lights Equipment Needed -Three…
Cinematographers / Directors of Photography / DP 5/3/2019
There will be a staff person dedicated to being with DP for the day. We'll want to capture nat sound (finished video is to a narrated script). There's no time to set up lights or audio. We shoot from the start of the day (in large auditorium) and move from classroom to classroom as campers are…
Cinematographers / Directors of Photography / DP 5/14/2019
BLACK SEMINOLE Producer: Belinda Noah/Writer Prep: 3 Days Shoot: 1 Week October 3 & 4, 2019 ONE… CINEMATOGRAPHER/DP #1 ($3,000): 3-Days Prep and 1-Week Shoot TWO… CINEMATOGRAPHER/SHOOTER #2 ($1,200): 2-Days Prep and 1-Week Shoot THREE… ASSISTANT CAMERAMAN/DIT ($800): 1-Day Prep,…
Film Production Companies 3/31/2019
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