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I'm looking for one camera, light kit, and mic set up for corporate documentary interviews. The shoot is in Chesapeake, VA for a global supplier of commodity and engineering resins. Could possibly utilize a drone to shoot b-roll footage.
Camera Operators / Videographers 5/13/2019
run and gun documentary style, interviews, b-roll, onboard shot gun and lav mic kit, off the shoulder shots and use of tripod for other establishing shots & interviews should be professional footage that will be used at a huge convention in Vegas this August
ENG / EFP Camera Crews 5/16/2019
HD Crew And Sound - NYC - 6/23
Manhattan, New York
We are looking for a crew that that has experience is shooting a food show. The filming will be used for social media, commercial and interview style. A portion of the time at the show we will be streaming live facebook. You must understand branding on products. Pre-production Assistant…
ENG / EFP Camera Crews 4/3/2019
HD, run and gun documentary style, interviews and b-roll, onboard shotgun and lav mic equipped in camera, shooting off the shoulder mostly but tripod for establishing shots, interviews and b-roll
ENG / EFP Camera Crews 5/16/2019
I need a camera crew to film 10 one on one 2 hour interviews in-the-field with 3 cameras and lapel mics in NYC and NJ from July 15th to 19th. I am also interested in post production of these interviews. The Green Revolution Show interviews impact leaders about how we can thrive with nature while…
Camera Operators / Videographers 5/13/2019
I am interested in hiring a local crew to film training sessions for three days at 925 4th Ave for Virence Health. A Boston area director/producer would be on hand. Days are scheduled 8am - 6pm May 21, 22 and 23. Thank you.
HD / UHD / 4K Camera Operators 5/14/2019
Looking for a DP with Sound Operator to shoot short form field interviews during Cannes. Requirements include HD camera package and sound kit is boom with two lavs. Canon C300 Mark2 or equivalent.
HD / UHD / 4K Directors of Photography / DPs 4/30/2019
one person crew to operate HD camera, 2nd HD on tripod, locked off (no operator). Cameras need to produce a close looking image but not match; shotgun on C-stand, over static talking head for one hour corporate interview in private home near DFW. Looking for 5 hour, portal to portal. I will manage…
Camera Operators / Videographers 5/15/2019
Hello, We would like to host a banquet dinner for about 350 guests on June 4th. I'm wondering if you can provide AV setup and support for the event. If possible, please send me a proposal or estimation. I attached our AV set up from last year for your reference. I'd be happy to answer any…
Audio Visual Services / AV / Live Event Crew 2/20/2019
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