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the following is needed -- Research topic Write copy Interview FIlm Edit Produce I am not certain about the budget as i am looking for a price estimate to include the functions listed above.
Corporate Video Production / Business Videos 12/16/2019
Seeking producer for a documentary in development who is experienced in production (equipment, crew, budget, locations and research, etc.) Pre-production, production and post-production and writing skills a plus. If interested/available, please send resume including contact information.
Film Producers 1/9/2020
Looking for someone with local knowledge that can steer us to neighborhoods that represent the broad spectrum of diversity within the "Research Triangle". This is a limited budget project, so ideally two days. The first, just using their past experience to help us select five or six iconic…
Location Scouts 1/9/2020
The American Academy of Audiology holds a research conference each year. This year the conference will be in New Orleans on April 1. The conference will be from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. The Academy would like to livestream the conference for those who cannot attend live. There will be a total of 8…
Streaming Media / Webcasting / Live Streaming Services 1/14/2020
The Director of Reservation and How To Love a Geek Michael McGowan is looking for his next potential film crew for his upcoming feature film - quote and research stage at this time. The film will be shoot in the beautiful state of Louisiana, in and around Michael's hometown of Lake Charles, LA.…
Video Production Companies 5/31/2019
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