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We’re seeking a good sound recordist for a 4 day shoot in the summer.
Sound Mixers / Recordists 5/11/2019
We are shooting a short film with some blind students in Brantford on Saturday, May 25th or Sunday, May 26th. This is a very small shoot. Camera guy, me, (you) and two actors. We are shooting with two blind actors who have never acted before. They will be riding a bike. We're shooting in a…
Sound Mixers / Recordists 5/10/2019
I have a project that I’m working and I would like your rate. 8 hours for one day. One location. The entire script will be filmed in one room. With dialogue from four actors. No more than 3 at anytime speaking. The filming will most like be in a studio or Airbnb. Please let me know if you need…
Sound Mixers / Recordists 5/21/2019
Need Sound Mixer/Recordist with own equipment for one day shoot with one actor on Saturday May 25th on Staten Island. $200/day
Sound Mixers / Recordists 5/20/2019
We're looking for a one-person Sound Mixer/Recordist who can handle audio recording (preferably with lavalier microphones as well as shotgun/boom mic) for three basic interviews being held at Fenway Park in Boston. Must have own equipment. Reach out with any questions!
Sound Mixers / Recordists 5/22/2019
Please send in your reels and let me know if you're available and/interested. We can get in touch and discuss the film further to see if it suits the kind of projects you're working on. Please bear in mind that this is an MFA thesis film, so although there is a budget for crew, it isn't very…
Sound Mixers / Recordists 4/4/2019
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