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Looking for a Camera Operator with Live Sports experience. Must be able to travel to Albany area for Six Day sporting event August 20th -25th.
Camera Operators / Videographers 4/29/2019
Looking for 2 Camera Operators to film a 45 minute presentation. Need 2 cameras on sticks that can record the entire presentation. There will be an audio feed available from the soundboard. Need fast turnaround on receiving footage via dropbox, google drive, etc.
HD / UHD / 4K Camera Operators 5/15/2019
Hello out there, I am coming to Philadelphia to shoot a series of small interviews during a bio convention 2nd until 5th of June. I am looking for a dynamic experienced cameraman/dp to follow me around and do all the technical work associated with that job, ie film, sound, broll...3 or 4 days of…
Camera Operators / Videographers 4/5/2019
An Individual To Shoot A Building Project For One Day In. We are performing a building project (setting a house) that i would like to have time lapsed.
Camera Operators / Videographers 5/15/2019
Hi, Looking for a Kelowna-based Phantom camera owner and operator from June 2-4th.
HD / UHD / 4K Camera Operators 5/21/2019
I am coordinating a corporate event taking place in Aspen on July 16 to 18. I need a camera operator, preferably somebody with their own camera and tripod, to work with us on the event. Each day, there is a 3 hour meeting that requires IMAG (taking camera feed and showing it on large monitors)…
Camera Operators / Videographers 5/15/2019
We are looking for a camera operator for a Motorsports event at Wall Stadium Speedway in Wall Township, NJ. Operators will be shooting for the live broadcast team from tripod positions. All gear is provided.
Camera Operators / Videographers 5/20/2019
Our production company is looking for a professional and talented camera operator to assist with filming throughout the year around the Wichita Falls, TX area. The date listed in the post is approximate ... what we're really looking for is an ally who lives/works locally around the area to assist…
Camera Operators / Videographers 5/8/2019
At Sunday, June 2nd I'll be having shooting in San-Fransisco, The video will be of a massive signing group performing a song together. you can see an example in this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZzK29_V8jQ I'm looking for a talented camera operator that will join our team (5 In total).…
Camera Operators / Videographers 4/23/2019
Lawrence Schiller of Wiener Schiller Productions Inc. seeks 2 video camera assistants/operators familiar with Sony PXW-FS5/FS5K camcorders for a 1 day shoot of a 90 minute staged performance in Charleston, SC. Performances are on May 28th and 29th and we will be filming one of those two days. The…
HD / UHD / 4K Camera Operators 5/20/2019
We're looking for support crew (DP/Camera Operator & Grip) to help us out with an upcoming testimonial shoot in Fort Lauderdale, FL. If you're interested please let us know.
Camera Operators / Videographers 5/8/2019
Looking for a steadi-cam operator with equipment for June 29-30 for World Pride in Times Square. We will provide the production trailer and crew. In addition to a Steadi-cam op and equipment, I need a 40' jib and operator, 1 - LL camera op (which we will provide equipment-HXC100 with LL). Should be…
Video Production Companies 4/29/2019
Need one videographer in Orlando for corporate conference. Record B-roll and stand-up interviews Requires one camera with servo zoom (12x or 70-200 lens) small one-light kit and one lav mic. Onsite one days Saturday June 8 (7:30PM-5:30PM) Dump all footage to supplied drive, mail out…
HD / UHD / 4K Camera Operators 5/9/2019
Videographer needed for corporate conference session recording 10-hour days, 7AM-5PM with breaks All equipment provided. Preference given to videographers with corporate conference session recording experience (PSAV, IMAG, etc) Very straightforward job with manager onsite. **Junior…
HD / UHD / 4K Camera Operators 5/16/2019
Jib Operator - Atlantic City, NJ - 6/28
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Hi There, My name is Chrishan and I work for a company that services dance competitions across North America. Could you please provide me with a quote for a jib operator for a dance competition? The details are below: 2 day shoot Approx. 12hrs A minimum of 18' jib Camera is…
Jib Operators / Crane Operators 11/12/2018
I’m looking for a camera operator to join me on a 10 day Alaskan Brown bear hunt scheduled for late August 2020. Camera operator must be in good mental and physical condition.
Camera Operators / Videographers 1/15/2019
Hi. Looking for a cameraman, local to Halifax, for a one day job. Monday, September 16, 2019, Halifax Convention Centre Camera operator(s) for IMAG at a conference. Probably one lockdown camera and one operated for movement/zoom. Recording also, if possible. One day rate Let me know if…
HD / UHD / 4K Camera Operators 4/12/2019
I'm looking for a basic music video which would combine my own shooting and some on location shooting in either VA or DC. If you'd be able to help in the crafting of the idea that'd be great or you could simply work in a camera operator capacity (no editing required). What kind of cost are…
Camera Operators / Videographers 5/21/2019
I'm looking for a camera operator to record a speech I'm giving June 22 in Atlanta, GA. I would like at least 2 angles/perspectives (but would optimally have 3) and good audio connected to the video as well Speech will only take 75 minutes. Set up and take down would estimate around 2 hours…
Camera Operators / Videographers 1/30/2019
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