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Hi there, We are looking to create video case studies of two of our battery energy storage systems in Germany. The target is approximately two minutes for each video, drone footage and video footage of the site, plus an interview with the customer. The timeline would be mid-late May. Please…
ENG / EFP Camera Crews 5/8/2019
I'm looking for an old barn or garage on a farm. Hoping to have old tools and workbench with and old fridge for a short film shooting around end of June beginning of July.
Location Scouts 5/9/2019
This is a SAG 5-day shoot using live animals in two scenes. Alpacas in one, and a small dog in the other. I will need hazardous activity coverage for a short-term policy. I also need 3rd party liability because I am shooting in area homes, a courthouse, a farm, and a high school. Will need…
Production Insurance 3/20/2019
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