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Production Assistant - SFO - 6/6-8
San Francisco, California
I am looking for a Production Assistant in San Francisco for the 6th, 7th and 8th June. We are filming a documentary in the Berkeley area and we need someone who can help out with kit, drive our hire car (dodge caravan size) and help with runs and any other tasks that may come up.
Production Assistants / Set PA 5/16/2019
It's a romantic comedy called Shoot Yo Shot. 30 day shoot in Atlanta Ga
Production Managers / PM 5/11/2019
We are looking for an experienced Production Designer that can lead an Art team for an upcoming non-union feature film production on the Southeastern Connecticut Shoreline. Our shoot dates are June 5th- June 23rd. Meals and Lodging provided. Please send your resume, along with a portfolio/reel, and…
Production Designers 5/10/2019
Live event or independent film experience 6-hour day $200.00 (all in) Available for a phone interview. Available to work Saturday with an early call time. Must be a local hire with dependable transportation Send resumes only if interested/serious.
Production Assistants / Set PA 5/13/2019
We will need a Mobile Production Truck for the district's week of graduation. Tuesday, May 28th, Wednesday, May 29th, and Friday, May 31st.
Mobile Production Units / Broadcast TV Trucks 5/1/2019
Hello I am looking for a Production Assistant in Ann Arbor for the 11th - 14th June. If you're available could you please let me know your rate? Thanks, Rebecca
Production Assistants / Set PA 5/15/2019
I'm looking for someone who lives in Dubai and knows the area. We will be shooting video and photography at a corporate event and need someone to help us navigate local destinations/customs/advice etc. It's not necessary to have a deep understanding of production.
Location Managers / Location Management 4/12/2019
production assistant to help on set, carry gear, run errands. must have a vehicle. rate 200 for day. will not work more than 12 hours. mileage will be reimbursed. paid by check on last work day via invoice. project is interviewing filming B roll with former vietnam POW in monterey area for an…
Production Assistants / Set PA 4/21/2019
production assistant to help on set, carry gear, run errands. must have a vehicle. rate 200 for day. will not work more than 12 hours. mileage will be reimbursed. paid by check on last work day via invoice. project is interviewing filming B roll with former vietnam POW in santa ynez area for an…
Production Assistants / Set PA 4/21/2019
Looking for a partner to handle the technical aspects of streaming the events on a stage within a conference in NYC. It will be 2 hours per day over 2 days (4 hours total) and broadcast on the clients YouTube channel. We would like 3 camera coverage, production sound stream and capture,…
Live Event Production Management / Show Services 4/8/2019
Need PA to help out crew, gear, releases,etc. Must be local to CT
Production Assistants / Set PA 5/7/2019
Looking for someone that does animatronics for a short film I am doing that has 2 Snakes. Please message me w/ a quote.
Special Effects Props / Animatronics 5/15/2019
Looking for someone to help as fixer with a shoot in or around Tuscany, Italy. Will need transportation (2 vans), hotel rooms, location permits, and a driver/PA for one week. The crew will be between 6-9 people.
International Fixers / Production Fixers / Fixer Services 2/19/2019
I would like to obtain an insurance quote for a SAG Ultra Low Budget feature film. We are in need of GL, Workers Comp, Location, and potentially E&O. Some background on the project: Roughly a 15 day shoot with 12 days in Los Angeles, CA and 3 in Seattle, WA. Will likely need at least a month…
Production Insurance 3/12/2019
Looking for a reliable production sound mixer/boom operator for a branded docs-series shoot on Sunday, May 26th. Half day shoot. Will be filming at a house in North Shore. Please be able to provide your own gear.
Sound Mixers / Recordists 5/17/2019
I am looking to obtain pricing and availability for 2 production office trailers to be delivered 29 July and picked up 5 Aug from Key West . Trailers should have restroom facilities and able to accommodate up to 6 individuals each with outlets for powering standard office equipment.
Talent Trailers / Motorhomes / RV's 3/24/2019
EEC is looking for a lighting and audio production company to providing services to our seasonal outdoor venue running from Aug- December 2019. The facility is open Fri, Sat, Sun and will consist of performances from music, dance, theater, film, and fashion. Event Venue: Rawhide - Chandler,…
Live Music Production / Concert Production 3/11/2019
BLACK SEMINOLE Producer: Belinda Noah/Writer Prep: 3 Days Shoot: 1 Week October 3 & 4, 2019 ONE… CINEMATOGRAPHER/DP #1 ($3,000): 3-Days Prep and 1-Week Shoot TWO… CINEMATOGRAPHER/SHOOTER #2 ($1,200): 2-Days Prep and 1-Week Shoot THREE… ASSISTANT CAMERAMAN/DIT ($800): 1-Day Prep,…
Film Production Companies 3/31/2019
I'm the chief video engineer for New World Symphony on Miami Beach. We need to cover an event while we complete an upgrade to 4K/UHD during this time. For this event, we'd like 5 or 6 cameras, 1 of which will remain unmanned and the rest we'll man. No CG. Some camera iso's, plus a PGM record…
Mobile Production Units / Broadcast TV Trucks 3/1/2019
I'm a graduate student from Emerson College. My thesis film is a 15 minute narrative short, set in the Bay Area. Logline: After her husband's unexpected mid-coital death, a dazed Indian woman embarks on her first grocery run alone. I'm looking for a production designer whose aesthetic choices…
Production Designers 4/15/2019
Event details Client: New York City Department of Youth Event: Step it Up NYC Dates needed: Dress Rehearsal 6/1 Final Showcase 6/15
Stage Managers 5/20/2019
This is a SAG 5-day shoot using live animals in two scenes. Alpacas in one, and a small dog in the other. I will need hazardous activity coverage for a short-term policy. I also need 3rd party liability because I am shooting in area homes, a courthouse, a farm, and a high school. Will need…
Production Insurance 3/20/2019
We are looking for help on our visual effects of our film. Our film will include several blurred faces that our main character interacts with- we were hoping to achieve this through Premiere After Effects. We also would be interested in coloring work, if possible. Please provide a quote for just…
Motion Graphics Artists / Digital & Visual Effects Artists 5/4/2019
DP - 5/23 - Cameron Park, CA
Cameron Park, California
This program will introduce audiences to Russian immigrants in the United States in search of the American dream. Each episode will take the viewer into the daily life of the main characters and their circle of friends (“supporting characters”) in their new adopted home.
Cinematographers / Directors of Photography / DP 4/26/2019
We are searching for local Boom / Audio Engineers in the Cameron Park , Folsom, a/o Sacramento CA area.
Boom Operators 5/3/2019
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