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We are shooting a few interviews and some b roll at a factory in Winston-Salem. One lav and a boom mic. Likely shooting from 8 or 9 until 2pm.
Sound Mixers / Recordists 5/16/2019
We are shooting a short film with some blind students in Brantford on Saturday, May 25th or Sunday, May 26th. This is a very small shoot. Camera guy, me, (you) and two actors. We are shooting with two blind actors who have never acted before. They will be riding a bike. We're shooting in a…
Sound Mixers / Recordists 5/10/2019
I'm looking for someone who lives in Dubai and knows the area. We will be shooting video and photography at a corporate event and need someone to help us navigate local destinations/customs/advice etc. It's not necessary to have a deep understanding of production.
Location Managers / Location Management 4/12/2019
2 PAs - Los Angeles, CA - 5/22
Los Angeles, California
In need of a PA for a rap music video for artist OnlyJame, day rate, meals will be provided. *exact location of shooting is TBD
Production Assistants / Set PA 5/11/2019
I would like to obtain an insurance quote for a SAG Ultra Low Budget feature film. We are in need of GL, Workers Comp, Location, and potentially E&O. Some background on the project: Roughly a 15 day shoot with 12 days in Los Angeles, CA and 3 in Seattle, WA. Will likely need at least a month…
Production Insurance 3/12/2019
Looking for an editor to work 3 - 6 hour days hours will be in the evening approx 5 PM - 11PM . We'll be shooting an event for a corporate client. We'll be logging footage from each day and then doing a quick edit together of one social post per night. The last day we'll be putting together a recap…
Video Editors 5/8/2019
I am a Producer in the Sausalito, CA - bay area. We were asked to shoot a very special video in Oahu, Hawaii for a specific client that specializes in swimming underwater with sea animals. At the moment we do not know much about the location except that it would be in Oahu, Hawaii. We are still…
Underwater Camera Operators 4/11/2019
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