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A makeup artist for a one day shoot with 2 interviews - ATL

Atlanta, Georgia

It's a pretty straightforward shoot, really. We're capturing a couple of interviews in a corporate setting. The gender of the people being interviewed remains unknown at this point. Quote/plan for a full day. The shoot will likely occur within the first week of April.

Videographer (with equipment) to shoot simple interview - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Looking for a videographer (and possible assistant) to shoot a 2 camera interview and run audio. Interview will be conducted remotely. Total interview time and set up/break down will result in only a few hours. Preferably you bring your own equipment.

4K Editor Lifestyle Magazine Pilote New production - Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

For a new small budget production Trends/ Well Being TV Magazine, we are looking for 4K editors with their rigs, space, equipment, skills and capable of a fast turnover to edit a 26' weekly. No transcoding but proxies are ok if this allows a faster turnover. This would be a creation from scratch…

Videographer w/ Equipment - Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, Nevada

Hi there, We are an automation company, holding an event for some of our customers at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on Friday March 31st. Following the luncheon there will be 4 presentations that we would like to film. We won't be editing or producing a video just yet, but would like to get the…

Videographer w/ Equipment - Fayetteville, AR

Fayetteville, Arkansas

I am needing to Livestream a small conference with multiple speakers. I am needing 1 camera man to shoot from a locked position from 9am-12noon. Equipment needed would be 1 Camera with an HDMI out. 1 Wireless lav mic. 1 Shotgun mic to pick up questions from the audience.

Videographer w/ Equipment for Testimonial Videos - Thursday, May 4.

Houston, Texas

Seeking videographer to shoot testimonial videos for a half day on Thursday, May 4. Needs to have equipment, including any additional lighting needed. Would like to see a few links to past footage. Ability to handle post-production work is ideal, but not required. If applicable, would like quote…

Videographer w/ Equipment + Editing, 1.5 Days - Chicago, IL

Chicago, Illinois

On April 11-12 we are going to join the Electric Power conference in Chicago to collect some interviews to be published on our web channel named Cogeneration Channel, so we need the support of a local cameraman. At the moment I don’t know how many interviews we will shoot but it could be around…

Audio Tech with a couple of 3200k lights - DC

Washington, District of Columbia

I'm looking for an audio tech that can lav 2 people in a controlled room environment on March 28th near Capital Hill. Hoping the sound tech can also bring a couple of 3200k lights. I'll be traveling with a large white cyc wall and I'd rather not have to bring all my lights up there.

Cameraman + HD kit (C300 or equivalent) for 1 day in Mumbai

Mumbai, India

We need to film a talking head in Mumbai (interview will last circa 30 mins), plus a few general views of of the office.

Cameraman + HD kit (C300 or equivalent) for 1 day in Moscow

Moscow, Russia

Film one talking head for circa 30 minutes and then some general views of the office.

Audio mixer needed for interviews with tech CEO - Boulder

Boulder, Colorado

Hey folks, Looking for a great audio mixer to record an audio-only interview(s) for this coming Thursday 3/30 in Boulder That's right, no camera feeds, no timecode, no slate, no hidden lav. We'll also be choosing the exact location based on what sounds best. It's a soundie's dream! We'll…

Portrait Photographer - Irvine, CA

Irvine, California

Nurture Digital, a creative agency based in Los Angeles, has an upcoming photoshoot on 4/11 and are in need of a professional photographer with portrait experience. We’re capturing headshots and full-body shots of 11 professionals at a corporate office in Irvine, CA. The shoot itself will likely…

Enthusiastic AC/PA/G&E for corporate interview shoot - Boulder

Boulder, Colorado

Hey everyone. Looking for an enthusiastic, professional, helpful AC / PA / general help a web video corporate shoot in Boulder. Responsibilities range from schlepping equipment around to maybe pulling focus, general AC stuff, getting coffee... Project is a corporate web video type thing,…

Enthusiastic AC/PA/G&E for corporate interview shoot - Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, California

Hey everyone. Looking for an enthusiastic, professional, helpful AC / PA / general help for two days, on shoots across a couple of different projects, all around LA. Responsibilities range from schlepping equipment around to maybe pulling focus, general AC stuff, getting coffee... Projects…

Music Producer for Recording Session - Boston, MA

Boston, Massachusetts

I am seeking producers to work with to create and help arrange my songs. I do not play but am musically inclined, I have specific musical ideas I want to have laid out and then build the rest through collaboration. I prefer to work side by side with the producer picking out the sounds, instruments…

8 Bald Male Models - West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach, Florida

Looking for 8 bald male (or at least willing to shave their head) models for a photoshoot. These photos will be used in our 2017 product catalog.

An experienced Producer of Commercial Projects, w/ Production Insurance - Fayetteville, NC

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Needing a high level producer that can crew up and oversee the pre-production, casting, crewing and shooting of a One day shoot in May. Production will require several child actors, a dozen extras, Make-up, Hair, and wardrobe personael as well as Camera, Grip and Props people and equipment. …

Grip/PA - West Chester, PA

West Chester, Pennsylvania

2 day shoot in Chester county interviewing physicians on site at a hospital. Need a grip to assist with lighting the set. Project set for mid-May, but date not firm yet

Colorist /Color Correction - Sherman Oaks, CA

Sherman Oaks, California

I'm currently in post production on my feature film "The Rocket." I'm looking for someone who can do color correction for me. The film is 89 minutes long, about 600 shots, shot on Canon C100's and Phantom 4 Drone. You would be working directly with myself and my editor. This film does not yet have…

Documentary Editor - LA

Los Angeles, California

I am looking for an editor (of everything - cut, sound, color, etc.) to edit my documentary. Ideally, the documentary will be around 30 40 minutes. It's a drama with the central storyline focused on a young woman (age 18 at the time) who jumped to her death 33 years ago from the Coronado Bridge in…

Videographer/Editor - Mooresville, NC

Mooresville, North Carolina

We are filming a public service announcement on April 12 @ JR Motorsports in Mooresville, NC. The length of the PSA will be 30 seconds and it will be shot indoors in the shop. The cast includes William Byron as well as the sheriff, Fred Clark and two deputies.

Gaffer w/ Light Kit - LA

Los Angeles, California

We're looking for an Los Angeles based gaffer w/ own lighting packages for an upcoming local commercial shoot on this Sunday (the 26th). It's a full day shoot inside a plastic surgery clinic with a presenter talking to the camera about the various treatments and procedures they provide. The…

Editor for Pilot - Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

It is a low budget doc film about horses and people in Norway- for PBS. 56 min in length.

Casting Director - ATL

Atlanta, Georgia

Looking for a casting director to help cast my film.

Videographer + Editing - LA

Los Angeles, California

Hi, My name is Lara jean and roughly how much would it be for a three camera interview type scenario? Four 7 minute segments in the same day? Editing as well. Lara jean