Animator for short informational sequences - Austin, TX - Project Completion Late August

Austin, Texas

Animation / Gaming People

Saturday, July 08, 2017 for one week

1 credit

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I'm the director/producer for a competition sport fishing show. We are looking for an artist to create informational "cut away" sequences to educate viewers on a number of different things. Sequences will be 15-30 seconds, should reflect accurate depiction of marine life, marine vehicles, fishing industry equipment, and underwater structure. Listed below are the sequences we have in mind.

- Offshore oil rig, sequence displays the underwater portion and how the "structure" it creates, forms a habitat for small fish and thus attracts the predatory game fish.

- Sword fish, sequence displays how a swordfish hunts along a deep ledge and comes up to strike the bait from below.

- Marlin, sequence displays how a marlin paces trolling lures, then cuts in sideways to strike the bait.

- Bimini Knot, sequences displays the way a bimini twist is tied and how when struck at high speed, the knot absorbs most of the shock by tightening down.

These are the idea we have and I am more than willing to work with the artist to ensure he/she has all of the visual references and a keen understanding of the required items/wildlife/equipment being portrayed. I look forward to hearing back from you.