ADR/Sound for one day in or around Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree, California

Audio / AV / Music / Sound - People

Saturday, April 01, 2017 for one day

1 credit

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I'm producing some pick ups for a short film in Joshua Tree and need to get ADR with actors April 1st. Am willing to travel for ADR but furthest to Palm Springs due to filming happening the evening of April 1st. Would like for Sound to come out to Joshua Tree for scene that evening.

The short is about trans couple Rozene and Diva on a road trip to get their gender affirmation surgeries with money they've saved prostituting. Along the way Rozene gets a request for her services from her estranged father who doesn't recognize her. While Rozene faces her father, Diva faces herself and the two will never be the same again.

The script was selected to be apart of the Sundance Native American Writing Lab where I was mentored writing it by Ligiah Villabos, Chris Eyre, Andrew MacLean and Catriona Mckenzie.