Production Sound Mixer 7/8-7/9 - NYC

New York, New York

Audio / AV / Music / Sound - People

Saturday, July 08, 2017 for two days

1 credit

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We are seeking an expert Production Sound Mixer with narrative film/TV experience. We are looking to capture clear and full audio of scenes that include dialogue in interior and exterior locations. Experience with guerrilla street recording would be helpful as one of the scenes will take place on the steps outside of a building.

More on the project: We are shooting a proof of concept trailer for an original half-hour comedy TV pilot, which we will be pitching to producers and networks. If picked up by a studio, we are prepared with the material to shoot season 1. Think Little Miss Sunshine, Broad City, Girls, and Woody Allen. The trailer for Tiny Furniture without the awkwardness.

Please submit reels and any clips with dialogue that you recorded.