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FS5 operator with kit for event - SFO - 10/11

San Francisco, California

Looking for a second FS5 operator for an event in San Fran in October. I'll be the other FS5 op. Simple job - shooting an awards ceremony with a line feed from an audio desk. No lighting etc needed.

Camera Operator for 3 days, 10 hour days 9/11-13 - DC

Washington, District of Columbia

We're producing the digital event for a show in DC and are in need of 8 camera operators to help us stream each room simultaneously. Cameras/equipment will be provided. Camera work will be minimal but will need to be able to do basic set up (set focus, pull focus, white balance, adjust frame rate…

Camera Operator for 2 days with our Canon C300 - Dallas, TX - 9/7-8

Dallas, Texas

We are looking for a Camera Operator for 2 days with our Canon C300. At a hotel for a corporate meeting on Sept 7 and 8. Our budget is $300 to $400 /day

Videographer and Potential Editing - Brooklyn, NY - 8/29 (Flexible)

Brooklyn, New York

Shooting a Kickstarter video for an exciting project. We need one afternoon of interviews and another day of b-roll of New York (city, nightlife, atmospheric nightclub shots) at your relative leisure. We need someone with their own gear (DSLR, lens, tripod, mic and light, if necessary, but…

Videographer for Customer Testimonial - Cambridge, MA - 8/31

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hi, Need some help with video recording a customer testimony in Cambridge Can you help me understand, what's involved in this and how much it will cost. Must have own equipment.

HD Crew for 2-day veteran shoot- 11/8-9 - Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas

I am writing on behalf of the American Veterans Center, a non-profit organization based outside of Washington, DC that records the stories of American heroes from World War II through today. We're looking for two small camera crews to film interviews with veterans in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.…

Videographer & Assistant For 2 Hour Shoot - Salt Lake City, UT - 8/23

Salt Lake City, Utah

Hi there, I'm looking for a videographer and assistant for a short 2 hour shoot in Salt Lake City, UT. The shoot will be taking place on 8/23 in the afternoon. You will need a two camera setup (4k preferred or C100's/C300's) small light kit and audio/lavs. It's a one subject interview, which should…

Looking For Videographers In Anamosa, Iowa for a 2-Hour Short Video on November 1

Anamosa, Iowa

We're a non-profit looking for a video crew that can help us record a 2 hour event for a new campaign that we're launching. Includes highlights reel, delivery of raw footage, and some camera stills immediately afterwards. Looking for 1 camera operator and (potentially 1 audio tech), lav/boom…

A Cinematographer - New Haven, CT - 9/15

New Haven, Connecticut

To shoot an interview. Must have own camera and lightings equipment. The preferred cameras are Canon Mark IV or C300.

A Cinematographer for 2.5 to 3 day shoot - 10/27 - Detroit, MI

Detroit, Michigan

I'm a filmmaker in Metro Detroit area (Michigan) seeking a crew to produce three shorts for scripts that I have written. This is a paid opportunity but the budget is miniscule. Everyone will be paid the same day rate (favored nation). And of course food and credit in film and IMDB. I anticipate…

TV Reel Production - Houston, TX - (flexible date)

Houston, Texas

I need assistance in creating my demo reel as a TV news reporter. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Jibs And Jib Ops For A Corporate Show In Austin 9/29 - 10/3

Austin, Texas

Looking for Jib(s)- at least one, maybe two. Let's start with one 4 Sony HXC 100 cameras, 2 with long glass, one as Jib (20' -30', depending on tails and room needed) and a couple of PTZ cameras in the system. I-Mag and stream to web. We will provide hardware, unless anyone on your crew(s)…

Cinematographer With Equipment - SImi Valley, CA - 9/17

Simi Valley, California

Need DP and equipment for a SAG ultra-low-budget (emphasis on "low") character-driven feature. Extensive travel, to be shot in Simi Valley.

Videographer/Producer Needed for a single day shoot - St. Charles, MO - Week of 9/11

St. Charles, Missouri

I am looking for a video producer in the St. Charles, MO area for a one day shoot in September (dates are still a TBD but will most likely be between (9-11 - 9 -14)The producer is responsible for recording VJ (video DJ) auditions enrolled at Cayuga Community College. Once the auditions are…

Producer/Videographer needed for one day shoot - 9/13 - Auburn, NY

Auburn, New York

I am looking for a video producer in the Auburn, NY area for a one day shoot on September 13th . The producer is responsible for recording VJ (video DJ) auditions enrolled at Cayuga Community College. Once the auditions are recorded the producer will capture B-Roll of the campus. When…

Assistant Camera - 8/23 - 9/9 - Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, California

Need AC for low-budget indie feature film. Gritty drama. For look and feel, see Blue Valentine as a reference. (Ours is a totally different storyline though). Shoot dates 8/23 - 9/9 (15 days). Aim to have at least a rough cut by 9/17 so we can submit by the Sundance cutoff. $100/day all…

Assistant Camera - 8/26 - NYC

New York, New York

Looking for an AC for a one-day shoot in Manhattan on August 26th. This is the last shoot of an on-going campaign for a menswear brand. The campaign is focused on highlighting the accomplishments of veterans when they return from active duty. The day is very photo heavy with the AC assisting the DP…

4 Camera Ops For A Women's Soccer Game In Cincinnati, OH - 9/21

Louisville, Kentucky

We will be on site and will provide 4 Sony HXR NX5 camcorders and LiveU encoders. Each camera will be streamed back to our master control room in Austin for full production. You will download Unity app onto your smart phone for intercom and tally.

A cameraman to record a short interview in SABCS 2017 and get it ready to upload to a medical website - San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, Texas

A cameraman to record a short interview in SABCS 2017 and get it ready to upload to a medical website. 1 day shoot. Interview in San Antonio during the Breast Cancer Conference. Informal but professional. Please provide us with a budget for this.

Camera OP w/ Sound Equipment - Olympia, WA for 1 day between - 8/27-9/1

Olympia, Washington

Hello! We are filmmakers who will be in Olympia, WA August 27-September 1st. We looking for a sound recordist/camera operator to film an interview to include in our feature documentary Exact date forthcoming. Please include interview samples. Thank you so much!

DP w/ Crew - Windermere, FL - 9/28

Windermere, Florida

Filming a TV pilot in the tradition of Food Network shows with more of an emphasis on the party than the food. Filming will take place on September 28th at a private residence in Windermere, FL. Time frame is 5-9pm. The live taping will take place at 7:00-7:30 and will last 30-40 minutes with B…

DOP - 9/11-14 - Verona, IT

Verona, Italy

Details are as follows: Crew needed: DOP/Cinematographer Shoot Address: 37135 Verona, VR, Italy Shoot dates: week from September 11th to 14th Capturing: approx. 6 x Interviews and cutaways as well as facilities shots. Our producer will be on site directing the film. Please send costs and…

DP/Cam Op - 8/26 - NYC

New York, New York

Looking for a DP/Cam Op familiar with using a Red Epic for a shoot on August 26th in NYC. This is a digital content piece for a menswear client. We'll have one talent, shooting indoors. Need to set up a seated interview and get b-roll. Small crew and a small production.

An HD Videographer w/ Sound - Clearwater, FL - 9/1-2

Clearwater, Florida

I need a person to HD video and audio record two short 50 minute sessions of people speaking at a conference at the Opal Sands Resort in Clearwater, FL on 9/1 and 9/2. It will be the main speakers and the audience. I may use the footage in a documentary. I need the person to bring their own…

One Man Band For Interviews - 8/23 - Largo, Florida (Tampa Market)

Tampa, Florida

I have 1 pool store that I need filming of the sales manager/owner - testimonial answers to our questions list. Only need HD filming with audio and an off-camera interviewer. This is probably a 1-2 person gig. The location is in Largo, Florida (Tampa Market). **Only need HD filming with…