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Makeup / Hair Stylist for 2-day corporate interview shoot in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

Hi, We will be shooting several corporate interviews in Atlanta on the afternoon of March 7th and all day on Wednesday March 8th. We will most likely be sticking to regular office hours. We need someone to help make sure that hair is good and that any shiny spots or other details of appearance…

Videographer with Ikan prompter - ATL

Atlanta, Georgia

Looking for a videographer with an Ikan prompter to shoot a Registered Dietitian reading five 1-minute scripts. Raw video to be Fedexed to a production company in Massachusetts. This would take at most two hours. We have a field producer already who would be there to help. This would be a…

1 Teleprompter and Operator for 1 day shoot - Cumming, GA

Cumming, Georgia

I need a teleprompter and operator for a one day shoot next Wednesday. Hours roughly from 8:30-5:00. Would love someone flexible and with a great attitude. We have 4 different communicators so it will be 4 different sessions. Thanks!

Sound Mixer with Equipment - Gainesville, GA

Gainesville, Georgia

We're shooting a 8-10 episode reality style web series called Tech Makeover in which a group of accountants implement new IT and cloud based software solutions into a business. This will be the second season of this series, the first season can be viewed here: . Most of…

lighting director - Roswell, GA

Roswell, Georgia

looking for a lighting director for a production 5-7 to 5-12 in Roswell,Ga. simple interview one on one lighting with some back round design and need to block off a huge window in a persons home 20 by 15 feet or so. need led and flags

Key grip for 15 day filming schedule - ATL

Atlanta, Georgia

This film will put a needed spotlight on the inner workings of the sex trade in Atlanta. We're looking for a key grip that can work both grip and electric. The plan is to shoot for 15 days and 5 possible pick up days.

Sound guy for recording motorsports event - ATL

Atlanta, Georgia

Specifically looking for a sound guy who can record audio during a commercial shoot at a Georgia motorcycle race track. 2 days of filming, will record Onboard motorcycle audio, interviews, off board field recording of motorcycles, and ambient sound.

Sound Designer - ATL

Atlanta, Georgia

Looking for someone that has experience working sound design in a theater setting.

Lighting Designer - ATL

Atlanta, Georgia

Looking for someone that has experience in theater setting but not limited to background drops, spot lights, and color design.

stage manager - ATL

Atlanta, Georgia

Looking for someone with experience in theater productions. Must have good communication skills, experience with but not limited to lighting, cue board, background projection, etc.

Director with comedic Reel

Atlanta, Georgia

Looking for a director with great comedic timing. Must be able to work as a ATLANTA LOCAL and must have a reel to submit.

Animated Video for Wedding - Savannah, GA

Savannah, Georgia

My daughter is getting married and I want an animated video to show at the rehearsal dinner. I want the story of how they met told through animated characters of her and her fiancé. He is a chef and she works in a restaurant. I don't need it to have voice. It's short and simple and I'm thinking…