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One videographer with equipment for one day interview/b-roll shoot - Ashland, MA - 6/15

Ashland, Massachusetts

Seeking a professional videographer with a basic camera package to capture 2 interviews and b-roll for a documentary project for a non-profit organization. The shoot will take place at a laboratory in Ashland, MA (about an hour and a half outside of Boston.) We will need to review a link to your…

Field Audio Engineer (w/ equipment) - 11 Days in the Brockton, MA area

Brockton, Massachusetts

Shooting a film on various weekends this summer. Really can't push $200.00/day for this position. 7/8- Brockton, MA 7/9- Hanover, MA 8/6- Quincy, MA 8/19- Brockton and Hanover (Split day early morning/night) 8/20- Brockton 8/27- Hanover 9/17- Hanover 9/23- Brockton 10/7- Brockton 11/4-…

I need a camera / video operator with general PC knowledge - Boston, MA - 6/14

Boston, Massachusetts

I need a camera / video operator with general PC knowledge to operate a laptop based video/webcam recording system in Boston, MA on June 14th with a possible setup on the 13th. Operation involves simple set up of computer equipment and starting and stopping of the recording. No special skills are…

Production Assistant in Boston for Food/Travel Web Show - 5/31

Cambridge, Massachusetts

We're looking for a production assistant in the Boston area (Cambridge) to help us out filming segments in Savenor's Market and a nearby restaurant on May 31st and June 1st. Must be able to provide their own transportation.

Boom operator and Sound Mixer 6/8-11, Gardner, MA

Gardner, Massachusetts

I'm currently producing and directing a series of instructional exercise videos for a client and we are in need of a boom operator who can also mix sound on set and maintain proper levels of audio.

Retro Jackets - Newton, MA

Newton, Massachusetts

Want jackets made to match my trousers. Matching fabric will make it a suit. In the style of 19th century worker's suit. Must be durable, double/triple stitching. Room for multiple styles, creativity and flair. No set date for completion, but sooner better than later.

Music Producer for Recording Session - Boston, MA

Boston, Massachusetts

I am seeking producers to work with to create and help arrange my songs. I do not play but am musically inclined, I have specific musical ideas I want to have laid out and then build the rest through collaboration. I prefer to work side by side with the producer picking out the sounds, instruments…