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Shooting/production/editing crew for 25 10-min videos - Cambridge, MA

Boston, Massachusetts

I am interested in producing twenty five 10-minute educational videos about entrepreneurship featuring mainly a prominent academic and interviews with entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia. The shooting will take place in Cambridge, MA and in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The crew should be willing to travel to…

Drone video - 8/28/17 – 8/30/17 - Boston, MA

Boston, Massachusetts

II need to capture footage and photography of four vessels harbored at Rowe's Wharf on Monday 8/28/17 – Wednesday 8/30/17. We usually shoot from noon to dusk. Capturing several vessels in a day. We shoot from a chase boat with a large enough deck clearance to land a drone carrying a Red Dragon. I…

Crew to video & live-stream event 10/15 - Springfield, MA

Springfield, Massachusetts

Greetings! We are looking to outsource the live-streaming of two events in our cathedral in Springfield, MA in October. Is your company comfortable with the challenges of a sacred space? We'd like an idea of the costs given that there will be two events on the same day. We are grateful for any…

Retro Jackets - Newton, MA

Newton, Massachusetts

Want jackets made to match my trousers. Matching fabric will make it a suit. In the style of 19th century worker's suit. Must be durable, double/triple stitching. Room for multiple styles, creativity and flair. No set date for completion, but sooner better than later.

Music Producer for Recording Session - Boston, MA

Boston, Massachusetts

I am seeking producers to work with to create and help arrange my songs. I do not play but am musically inclined, I have specific musical ideas I want to have laid out and then build the rest through collaboration. I prefer to work side by side with the producer picking out the sounds, instruments…