I graduated from Iowa State University's design program with a six year degree in design with a focus on multimedia production. I am currently a digital media designer at Gannett (the largest newspaper distribution company in the world that owns USAToday). I work with Flash, Maya, Lightwave, Vue,…
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motion graphics, animation, fine arts
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I am an experienced 2D animator, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film/Video with a concentration in 2D animation. I am able to produce whole short animations (under 1 minute) upon request, and I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals in larger projects.
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We've made animation here in Iowa for over 21 years, from stop motion to computer 3d; from 2d to 3d. We're dependable, fast and courteous.
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A production company partnering with customers and clients to deliver solid solutions...on time, at the expected cost. • Location/Studio Production • Editing and Post-production Services • Authoring & Duplication: DVD, CD-R, Blu-ray
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Animation and Video editing. Expertise in After Effects, Premiere, Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
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Creative motion graphic artist with exceptional visual design and experience in a fast paced environment. Detail-oriented with a strong ability to take a project from conception to completion.
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Post production, animation, compositing, and visual effects company.
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I'm 20 years old and so a variety of arts- animation, painting, costume work, etc- freelance as I prepare to move to Iowa City. I'm learning FX makeup right now.
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