Giant Octopus (GO), an Emmy Award winning motion graphics company, is now part of FX Design Group. GO creates broadcast television brand identities, focusing on inspiring the viewer by using captivating visuals. Offering show packages, news branding, creative direction, promo packages live…
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General 3d Artist Skill set 3D Modeling - Organic and Non Organic Texturing Rigging and Weighting 3D Sculpting Animation VFX Creation Basic Compositing Lighting and Rendering
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I was raised in Orlando, Fl. and joined the Marine Corps right out of high school at age 17. I was always an artistic person , but was set out to be an architect. After serving in the Marine Corps Engineering program, I turned to Full Sail for a medium I would enjoy and benefit from. I am a…
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2D & 3D Art: 3ds Max| Maya | Creator | U2MG | Photoshop | Illustrator | Unity | CrazyBump | nDo | xNormal | ZBrush Data Management: Tortoise SVN | Perforce | Alienbrain | Google Drive | Dropbox Microsoft Office: Word | Excel | PowerPoint | Outlook ART SKILLS 3D Modeling: Low poly and high…
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FX Design Group and its newly acquired motion graphics company, Giant Octopus, is a design company delivering projects worldwide in broadcast for News, Talk Shows, Lifestyle and Entertainment programming. FX/GO gives clients access to a complete compliment of set design, motion graphic design and…
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I'm a recent graduate of UCF with experience in architectural renderings and developing mixed reality serious games. I have a B.A. in Digital Media: Internet and Interactive Systems and I’ve interned with the Institute for Simulation Training (IST). My dream career is developing cutting edge…
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Versatile, detail oriented, with a passion for design that is clean, structurally sound, and functional. I specialize in design for both web and print with a focus on brand identity, as well as 3d design, product design and architectural visualization. With a masters degree in fine art from…
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Gridway Digital provides creative and original Animation and CG designs to the film, television, commercial, and mobile application industries.
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Born in Honolulu HI, in 1978. 1993 - 1997 Arron moved to florida with his family and attended high school. 2004 - 2007 Arron attended Keiser University and received a Associates Degree in Computer Science of Video Game Design. 2007 - 2010 Arron attended Full Sail University to Recieve a…
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Founded in 1999, XOS Digital is a global provider of sports video technology to professional and collegiate leagues, conferences, coaching staffs and athletic departments. Hundreds of sports organizations rely on the XOS portfolio of products and services to capture, manage and monetize their…
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I'm an experienced character animator. I will receive my certificate in 3D Character Animation from Animschool in September 2014. In Animschool I'm learning from industry professionals from studios like Dreamworks, Pixar, Blue Sky, etc. and I have the opportunity to speak one on one with them to…
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3D Artist and Animator in 2010 I enrolled in Full Sail University where I received my BA of Science degree on June 1st, 2012. Now I’m just one step away from my dream becoming a reality. College: Full Sail University Major: Video Game Art Degree: BA of Science
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3D artist with over 8 years of experience working on various contracts looking for a job in the entertainment industry.
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I've graduated from Edinboro University in Computer Animation. I'm great at everything but have specialized in Rigging and FX. Willing to re-locate.
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My passion for creating art stems from childhood. Throughout my life, video games were and still are one of my largests sources of inspiration. I chose to go to college to gain a better understanding of the process and tools it takes to begin a career in the game industry. The multiple dimensions…
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As a graduate of Full Sail University specializing in Visual Effects, I am out searching for that company who would be willing to embrace themselves with my knowledge that I have to offer. Born to be a visual effect artist, my life is all about the knowledge of fire, water, explosions, smoke,…
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New to the industry, currently going to school at FullSail University. Yes, I am listed under a different Name while going to school because I plan on Changing my Name before I hit the Film Market
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Ian McRobbie
Wesley Chapel, Florida
3D Modeler/Animator
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Model and prop design & fabrication specializing in animated characters and effects.
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Experienced modeler organic and hard surface.
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