Award Winning Singer/Songwriter/Composer/Producer Genres: Smooth Jazz/Rock/Folk/Acoustic/Americana Studio session and clubdate singer in NYC before moving to Athens, GA. 7 years ago. Classically trained opera singer who switched to Pop/Jazz/Rock/Gospel/R&B after making her first songwriting…
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I am a recent college graduate and wanting to get my foot in the film production door. I have a Bachelors degree in Journalism and Communication and a minor in Media Arts. I have camera and acting experience. I currently reside in Augusta, GA with a valid driver's license.
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I have worked on various projects ranging from video games to major motion pictures. I work mostly with swords, and also enjoy working with sports. I have trained with The Ring of Steel; a theatrical stunt group out of Ann Arbor Michigan. I have studied acting in various workshops and 2 years with…
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Seeking a position as Production Assistant. I'm a creative thinker, good with quick decisions, and understand the importance of teamwork on set.
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Asst. Costume Designer, Set Costumer & Asst. to stars. Freelance in film, tv, commercials, theatre & live events. FL, GA, CA & international tours.
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I am an imminently graduated college student with a bachelors degree in Mass Communications with over 10 years of film and audio editing experience, four years of on-air radio and television production, and 2 years of graphic design experience. I've worked with my university's mass communications…
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