Film The Goats Beach Girl/Actress Seven Star Pictures/D.J. Caruso Don't Look Down Quinn Logan/Actress Weekend Rockstar Productions/Amanda Mack Girl Scouts Little Daphne/Lemonade Girl/Actress Lost and Found Productions/Kareem Aikens The Funeral of Old Gene Moss Child of the Family/Actress…
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Hey, I'm Alexis (Lexi) Bronstein. I am a really sweet girl with big dreams. I consider myself really talented because I can do many things, like, sing, and dance, do makeup and many things! Haha always fun. Being a singer is my dream and it has been for a very long time. I am 15 and it's been my…
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Currently acting in local film productions. I am a Training Program Development & Management Consultant specializes in reducing production cost and training/development utilizing international web-based teams to meet multi-media training needs. In the 1980’s I served as an AD for Unitel…
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I am a 16 year old dedicated, aspiring actress with a great sense of humor. I am artistic, and enjoy singing, writing, photography, and playing video games. I am good with children and animals. I have been on my school sports teams for volleyball, softball, basketball, and soccer. I love trying new…
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HI, my name is Ashley, I am an aspiring model, I am looking to gain as much experience as I can!! I am almost 19, and my most recent experience was I went to open call in Savannah Ga. for ANTM Cycle 21, I have made the first cuts, and I am waiting to hear from them on the next stage. In the mean…
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Jeremy is currently a star student in FSCJ's multimedia program. Along with numerous academic awards, Jeremy's passion is cinematography and has been recognized as one of the best students at the school.
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Character Actor, On-camera Host and Voiceover. Precise narration for technical videos, audiobooks and animated web content.
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I am a 5'4, athletic, Puerto Rican and black woman. I have long curly black hair and brown eyes. I love sports! I am a mother and a Massage Therapist. Being a model is my dream and I am ready.
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Seeking a position as Production Assistant. I'm a creative thinker, good with quick decisions, and understand the importance of teamwork on set.
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4 yr. old child seeking entry into talent/modeling. Lives in Jacksonville, but available throughout South Florida. Contact person is grandmother residing in Miami.
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Air Force Reservists with an skills set in entertainment both in the spotlight and in production.
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KNOWN FOR: The Silent Flute, HEIGHT * 6' 2" (1.88m), AGE RANGE Performs ages 42+, GUILDS * Non-Union, ETHNICITY * Caucasian, HAIR * Brown (Short), EYES * Blue , WEIGHT 185 lbs, Fluent in English/German. Sebastian has a strength of presence that lends intensity and depth to any role. His looks…
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