I have worked in the industry for over 10 years. Casting, producing, and acting in Los Angeles, New York, and now Atlanta. I can wear many hats at once. I am organized, pro-active, and work well in a fast-paced environment.
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A Miami, Florida native, actress Denise Santos has filled many roles on screen and has studied with some of the most acclaimed acting coaches in the southeast. With many successful portrayals in both English and Spanish, she recently took on the role of Norma in Carmen Rivera's production of "La…
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Educated,Passionate,Creative talented individual
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Currently acting in local film productions. I am a Training Program Development & Management Consultant specializes in reducing production cost and training/development utilizing international web-based teams to meet multi-media training needs. In the 1980’s I served as an AD for Unitel…
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I'm an actress with onset experience, and I'm also a competitive hip hop dancer. I love bringing characters to life in front of the camera and dancing onstage! I take private acting lessons with Ashley LeConte Campbell and Erin Elizabeth Burns. I enjoy being outside and playing with my pets. I…
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