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Hawaii Camera offers Production Management + Rental Equipment. Hawaii Production is a breeze with our experienced crew, trucks and equipment rentals. In addition to handling all aspects of Production Management and Equipment, we provide crew, aerial cinematography services, production insurance,…
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HDaerial has the new Inspire 2 Zenmuse X5S Drone, recording at 5.2k and stills at 20.8MP. Wireless remote focus and iris. We also have 6 and 8 blade Heavy Lift UAV's. We are legal with FAA 333 and Part 107 certified and licensed pilots. Fully insured. Our manned division provides the Cineflex V14,…
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Being able to fly Alexa-Mini, RED, Sony, and Cannon production cameras Shot From Above is fully insured and FAA Part 107/333 Certified. Specializing in aerial photography and videography. We utilize various cinema production cameras and lenses that can shoot in 8K, 6K, 4K, UHD, and HD and at…
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Creative, FAA Certified, Night Ops Approved, Heavily Insured Drone Team in Los Angeles. We have worked on a wide array of projects, TV shows, Short films, Live events, Car commercials, Product campaigns, etc.
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Drone Rentals-Local 600 ICG member in Atlanta. HeliCam is the lead(Promo) Drone Pilot for the The Hit Series "Turn"-Washington Spies on AMC. Our newest Films were "Bleed" and Simon VS Homo Sapiens Agenda for 20th Century Fox. We live in Atlanta ) HeliCam builds and operates superior aerial…
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HDaerial has the new Inspire 2 Zenmuse X5S Drone, recording at 5.2k and stills at 20.8MP. Wireless remote focus and iris. We also have 6 and 8 blade Heavy Lift UAV's. We are legal with FAA 333 and part 107 certified and licensed pilots. Fully insured. Our manned division provide the Cineflex V14,…
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Drone services & aerial cinematography. We fly legal under the FAA 333 and part 107 certified and fully insured. Over 15 years experience, flying any RED, Alexa M/Mini, 2x Reds for 3D filming. Featured films (Expendables 3, The Circle, Home Front, Sparks and more..), documentaries, TV shows,…
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Experienced, FAA licensed and approved Drone Operator. Our goal is to provide smooth cinematic footage and stills to convey your narrative. We shoot in 4K/24 and 4K/30, as well as 1080 up to 90fps for great slow motion. 10+ years of experience means confidence during challenging shoots. All…
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Fully insured and approved by the FAA to offer commercial UAV (drone) services. We provide safe, affordable, fully stabilized 4K aerial videography using leading edge multi-rotor equipment. Let us help you tell your story in 3-dimensions! Please contact us to discuss your next project.
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Los Feliz Airlines is a Los Angeles based aerial cinematography company using drone technology to capture award winning visual content within the entertainment industry. We are FAA certified and insured. Our FAA certified pilots fly extreme heavy lift drone technology and full scale aircraft. …
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Over 14 years experience aerial work. 13 years with stock footage agent - We provide award winning high definition aerials for motion picture and television. First inspired by the character "Animal" on Lou Grant, and later on Fine Art Photographer, Peter Lik, professional…
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Pictorvision is the first and only aerial camera stabilization rental company to provide customers with an entire suite of aerial product solutions for capturing aerial images. No other company has the combined experience, expertise, professionalism, and product choice that we provide – making us a…
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Dakota Aerials is owned and operated by Dave Tunge. He started his flying career in the 1960's. He is a Commercial Pilot; holds Single, Multi-Engine, and Instrument Flight Instructor Ratings and has logged over 20,000 hours of flight experience. Aerial photography has been a passion with him…
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Infinity Helicopters operates a Robinson R44 whith a gyro-stabilized platform for shooting professional video.
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QFM is a unique in synthesis of two complementary experiences, being one, a comprehensive knowledge of the processes of local bureaucracy, and another, over 20 years of production experience in the film and commercial business gained from shots around the world from Europe to Africa and Asia. This…
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Flying Pictures is the world leader in the provision of aerial filming services for feature films, commercials, television, live broadcast events and surveillance. Based in the UK, we operate worldwide, so if you need something done in the air; we do it professionally, safely, cost effectively and…
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Helimotion Offers Nationwide Helicopter Aerial Production Service For The Motion Picture and Comercial Industry Aerial Stabilized Camera System Rental. SAG Pilot, Fuel Truck, Aerial Coordinator,Story Ship, Temporary Paint, Location Scouting. FAA Motion Picture Waiver.
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Lee Allison, Director or Cameraman. Hawaii’s most experienced aerial cinematographer. High-quality aerials utilizing Pictorvision Eclipse, Wescam, Gyron, Cineflex and Tyler Mounts. Package deals including aircraft, camera system and crew.
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ABTEC combines state-of-art camera systems such as Cineflex, FSI, WESCAM with modern turbine helicopters for aerial production. We have worked with several major Hollywood and broadcast studios such as, Warner Brothers, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, ESPN and The Discovery…
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Aerial Coordinator / Helicopter Film Pilot (Screen Actors Guild) Pilot sUAV Film Pilot (FAA Part 107 Approved) FAA Approved Motion Picture & TV Manual
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Pursuit Aviation has a true passion for aerial cinematography. Our team of highly trained stunt pilots, aerial coordinators, and cinematographers of the sky have countless feature/television credits, and most importantly an excellent safety record. We offer a multitude of turnkey production,…
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