Producing, coordinating, script supervising, designing, and more. My talents might be varied, but I approach all of them with the same promise of enthusiasm, determination, and attention to detail. Practical yet imaginative, I’m an experienced media production specialist with a love of…
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My experience lies in primarily on small crew shoots and solo work, and my passion is for documentary work. My passion in the film industry lies in creating beautiful images and sharing powerful stories. Both so clearly shape the way we see the world, and are incredibly valuable to our society.
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OBJECTIVE To obtain a production position that incorporates a proficiency in pre-production and post production, studio and location shooting, and a passion for the television and film industry. SUMMARY Founder of Knox County Schools Comcast Cablecast station, award-winning producer/director,…
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I am an Independent Filmmaker/office worker, having graduated film school in 2007. I have produced, directed, and edited one feature film at this point. But have extensive experience on film productions. And as an auteur, I have ability to do any job from producer/director and down.
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I have professional experience with all types of digital cameras, photography cameras, and audio visual equipment. My professional experience is in television and broadcast media, and internet streaming. Specialties: Final Cut Pro, Eduis, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier Pro,…
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I am a one man production team – the perfect Associate Producer or Production Coordinator for your team. I have always been a generalist, getting my hands into a little bit of everything; camera operating, editing, FX and 2D animation in After Effects, audio recording and mixing, etc. I am not…
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First things first, I am a Christian and without my Lord's guidance I would not be where I am today. A child of the one true King, I've stumbled along the way but he is always there when I need him. ​ All of my life I've been drawn to images of other cultures and peoples; the first memory being…
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Result oriented professional manager experienced in fast-paced environments that demand strong organizational skills, technical understanding, and strong work ethics. Trustworthy, discreet and ethical, committed to generous teamwork collaboration that results in relevant work for clients.…
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I've been in the industry of film/ video production, I worked on the identical with Dustin Marcellino (director), one of my main references, I did cmt, the walking died, bonnarroo, I worked over 6 month at the Tyler perry studios in Atlanta, done few music videos around Nashville and the…
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I'm a recent college graduate, anxious to begin my career within the industry. I'm dedicated, skilled, and a hard-worker. I have lived and traveled all around the world, which has given me a passion for media production. My goal is to create worthwhile and effective media.
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Professional Music Producer/song writer/artist development
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I have worked professionally in camera, video and production for over 15 years. I have worked many sporting games and events as well as film and television productions. I live in the Nashville area and willing to travel anywhere within a 6 hour. In addition to various movie, music video and…
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I graduated with a degree in Film and Video Production in 1999 and have been working in the TV Production Industry since 2000. I worked with a well-known Nashville Production Company for over 7 years where I wore multiple hats ranging from Producing to Post-Production Supervising. My experience…
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Freelance Entertainment Professional, specializing in creative development, screenwriting, and production for film and television.
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Amanda Lorraine is a filmmaker in Nashville, Tennessee. She has worked on many short films including Register, an official selection at the 2016 Nashville Film Festival and Analise, a multi-award winning short film she directed for the 2016 54 Film Fest. She worked as a production intern for NuMynd…
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Freelance producer/reporter always looking for new opportunities. 10 years of experience.
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Stephen Gudis provides experience and a proven record of success in event coordination, project management. Whether you're researching to start a music project or event, or are looking to expand, Stephen can assist with your planning and growth. The team, affiliates and partners provide expertise…
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