Voiceguy1 Communications, active as a voice over provider since 1990, provides professional quality voiceover solutions for various media and businesses. Recent clients include Chrysler, Kaopectate, DirecTV, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, TD Ameritrade, MTV New Media, LEGO, Herbalife, and Golf…
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Warm and rich baritone/tenor, pleasant yet authoritative; from friendly, smooth, and sophisticated, to commanding and powerful, to hip and upbeat; from Guy-Next-Door to Voice-of-God.
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We specialize in mixing and recording audio for picture as well as field audio mixing and recording. Services include stereo and surround 5.1, ADR, voiceover, original music score, and sound design. We use Neumann microphones, API and Neve preamps, and engineer with Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper, and…
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Omni is equipped and experienced to deliver all types of audio/video translation projects, from training videos to radio and TV commercials, in all the major languages of the world. We offer turnkey production, moving your creation step by step, from our meticulous translation process to the…
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For more than 20 years, CC has been performing on mic, on stage, and on camera. Her upbeat and professional style, combined with highly-attentive customer service, is certain to ensure your project is a success. Her voice has been used on projects for Liberty Mutual Group, Texas A&M…
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Alta Vista Recording Studios bridge the gap between high-dollar sound and rates that accommodate everybody. Visit our rates page and you may notice that we are one of the few Austin studios that print our rates. That’s because we are proud of them and don’t feel like we need to win you over with a…
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Ponysound consists of three state-of-the-art audio stables that are our commitment to the future of audio post production in the tv, radio and film industries. Armed with: 3 avid pro tools hdx 10. 1 systems with 648 tracks of automation; 2 telos zephyr isdn transceivers; complete hollywood edge and…
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Over 10 years of experience as an audio engineer, voice over artist and producer.
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Voice Talent providing voice talent for animation, radio imaging and promotion services.
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Voice over for Radio ads.
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