ZTV Broadcast Equipment Rentals is an industry leader serving the greater Toronto area and Canada for 20+ years. Carrying both HD and SD cameras plus support equipment, ZTV is known as the company to call for your production needs. Visit us for a consultation and quote on your next event - coffee…
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We provide Cameras, Lenses, Lighting packages for Film / Commercial productions. We have Red Epic Dragon, Red Scarlet, Zeiss CP.2s, Canon C300, Movi M15, Kinos, Arri HMIs, Arri fresnels, Shoulder rigs, Director monitors, and so many other stuff. Ontario Camera is located in Downtown Toronto…
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Manufacturer specializing in the design and production of custom audio visual products including LCD lenses, slide projection lenses, custom overhead projectors, X-ray radiographic projectors, as well as custom OEM lens assemblies.
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16mm, 35mm and Vista Vision rentals; lenses and customized accessories.
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Sony digital video & audio equipment, media 100 non-linear editing, tripods, etc.
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