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Charlie Driscoll

New York, New York

RED Epic and Scarlet owner/operator. DSLR wizard. Drone/UAV owner/operator. From shooting documentaries in Greece, Zambia, Russia, and Ukraine to directing commercial shoots in Chicago, Austin, and New York, I have a wide array of experiences and knowledge to bring to any production as a…
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Umit Gulsen

New York, New York

My job is to create beautiful imagery that represents a perspective and is distinct. Every story deserves of its own cinematographic formulation on screen regardless of its content, be it a corporate or a fiction piece. As a filmmaker first, I always go after the soul, the meaning. Then I start…
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Bryan Racine

New York, New York

I have an incredible passion for filmmaking and camera work. I founded the production company, Northwoods Revolution, with two partners in 2008. My partners and I share a vision for the quality and ease of workflow which we deliver to our clients. I have spent the past ten years working and…
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Myles Williams

Columbia, Maryland

I produce motorsport films for a prominent North American sportscar racing team. I started working for Speed Channel in 2007 covering Indycar and World Challenge and have been DP of a few Indie films in the Washington, DC area. I edit on FCPX and shoot on the Sony F5. I have experience using…
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Art Parnitudom

Brooklyn, New York

I'm a Brooklyn based cinematographer and an associate member of the Society of Camera Operators in Burbank, CA. My works have been selected for the American Society of Cinematographers Student Heritage Awards twice, and the European Cinematography Awards.
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Trent Watts - Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland

Trent Watts specializes in high-end documentary-style productions, capturing beautiful interviews and imagery for the world's most recognized organizations and brands. To date, he's crafted over 1,400 interview lighting setups in hundreds of environments, and has developed techniques for capturing…
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Pure Motion Pictures

Union City, New Jersey

Visualize your story. Eliminate the non-essential. What remains is vibrant, compelling and PURE. We believe, at every story's heart, lives a powerful, moving message. When you find that message, you unlock the power of PURE storytelling: Simple. Coherent. Beautiful. Moving. Sometimes our stories…
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Daniel Lehrecke

Manhattan, New York

ENG/EFP DP for more than 20 years. Extensive work in Broadcast Television, Feature Films, Documentaries, Commercials and Corporate and Industrial Videos. Recipient of 5 Primetime Emmy Awards. Owner of Arri Amira 35 mm camera with Cine Zoom and Prime Lens. An array of lighting equipment, Dollies,…
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Adam Smith

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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ibetalo, LLC - Jibs - Gimbals - Motion Control

Riverton, New Jersey

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Benjamin Semanoff

New York, New York

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Matthew Mendez

Brooklyn, New York

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Rob Baynard

New York, New York

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Lawrence Feeley

Phillipsburg, New Jersey

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Devin Ladd

Astoria, New York

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Robert Christman

Brooklyn, New York

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Kyle Fasanella

Brooklyn, New York

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Thomas Christopher Koveleski

Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania

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Mike McSweeney

New York, New York

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Tom Wills

Media, Pennsylvania

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Martin Whittier

Belcamp, Maryland

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Jim Masi

East Windsor, New Jersey

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Amanda Garner

Dover, Pennsylvania

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Butch Madey

Warrington, Pennsylvania

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Ian Woolston-Smith

New York, New York

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Michael Martinez

New York, New York

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