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* ( WE WON'T GIVE YOU THAT DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS LOOK WHEN YOU ASK US TO TURN ON OUR LIGHTS!) * Cop Shop L.A. When production asks who is the best to call for Police cars, our name is always at the top of the list. CopShopLA is run by former law enforcement officers. We are the original with a…
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Viewforia is an international team of passionate media producers who handle all aspects of media productions from idea to execution. Based in Sri Lanka, Viewforia unites european and south-asian specialists combining production house and agency under one roof. Core team background is rooted to…
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Personal Drivers was created with a very clear objective: to find complete solutions for all customer needs for executive transport. Operating since 2008, the main aspects of our company have always been dedicated to providing executive chauffeur services to drive our customers' vehicles with the…
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We have been serving Los Angeles Entertainment Industry from 1997. Our reputation precedes us. From the moment you pick up the phone, until the job is complete, you and your clients are greeted by our friendly professional staff to make sure their needs are completely taken care of. Our fleet is…
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I am a lifelong native of Raleigh, NC- I have worked from the Appalachian mountains to the Atlantic coast. My experience includes 30 years of photography; 22 plus years working as a location scout and manager. You will not find a scout with more knowledge of the people and places of "The Old North…
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Whistler outdoor guide. Liaison with Film, Television and Photo production companies providing location scouts, logistical support and PA services in the Whistler area.. I am also employed by the company below. Canadian Mountain Productions (CMP), a division of Canadian Snowmobile Adventures,…
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I am a dynamic figure, often seen scaling walls and crushing ice. I have been known to remodel train stations on my lunch breaks, making them more efficient in the area of heat retention. I translate ethnic slurs for Cuban refugees, I write award-winning operas, I manage time…
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Cinnabar was established in 1981 in Hollywood, California to provide scenery and special effects to the film industry. Cinnabar's production expertise was originally centered on a wide range of service and technical disciplines associated with the film and television commercial industries.…
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We provide pedicabs for film/television/print. Licensed NYC pedicab operators also available. Body can be removed for special projects. Bike rented as prop only or with driver. In business in NYC since 2004. We know about attention to detail.
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Transportation Coordinator, Driver, Transportation Captain, Editor in Final Cut Pro, Cinematographer(digital), Still Photographer, Documentary Filmmaker, live event coverage(music), Photoshop, marketing, Event Producer
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Pain & Gain Rigging Grip 10 ton - Paramount - Danny Taylor Magic City Rigging Grip 7.5 ton - Starz Miami - Duke Foster 2 Fast 2 Furious Greens 5 ton - Universal - Joyce Lark Mariah Carey Video Camera Truck - Butterfly Prods - John Lybrand Recount Set Dec 15 ton -…
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KTi Express Courier provides Same Day Delivery and Courier Services to businesses and households across the country. Providing Local Courier Services and National Courier Services. KTi Express Courier can move your packages and material in the fastest, safest, controlled environment possible.
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NCE provides a specialized transportation service to the film, photo and TV industry; we have a wide variety of vehicles, equipped for the most accurate requirements. All our staff is trained to the highest standards, they are friendly, down to earth and understand the need for enthusiasm,…
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The Factory Transports name stands for quality, performance value and innovation. We take pride in listening to the needs of the customer, and in turn engineering the best possible product for a multitude of applications. With nearly two decades of manufacturing experience; we continue to drive…
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Nashville, Franklin, Location Scout/ Manager, CDL Driver Class A, Production Assistant, Assistant Camera - 26 Yrs on and off experience in TV and Film Production
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Fully Bilingual (English, French) Teleprompter Operator living in Ottawa but available in MontrĂ©al, Toronto, Canada, USA... Wherever is required. 15 years experience in corporate, government, conferences, live TV, film, and much more! Familiar with Presidential, Podium, Camera or stand-alone…
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Past employment with lighting, sound, stage, set, video and transportation companies gave me a working understanding in both live and studio applications and international work/travel. On occasion I was the shop guy doing prep, loaded the truck, drove, tech the show, then brought it all back to the…
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Here are some other things our security company can offer for your project. Security guard services for filming locations, sets, and sound stages. Security booth services. 24 hour security services for any weather conditions. We can have a team to you anywhere in Georgia with a minutes…
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Graf Air Freight is a specialized air Currier service that is customized for the film, movie and video industry. We work intimately with the motion picture industry on many different levels. For example we work with camera rental houses, prop studios, and advertisement agencies to help pull your…
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When you come to Charleston, Savannah, or any location in the southeast, you can anticipate the same great food & pampering that wealthy yacht owners & celebrity clients, like you, know to expect. Thanks, Oliver
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I am a L.E.D video wall tech on a mobile unit. I also transport and set up the walls 0n 48-53ft trailers and doubles. Love this business
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Frank Davis
New York/Florida, Florida
Transportation coordinating and fixer for Feature films and travel documentaries-Have worked in all US states ! Please call 954 465 9432 Thanks for looking!
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Skilled in graphic design, general computer knowledge, illustration and has worked in film, video, and television production for Verizon, Touchstone Television, and Time Warner Cable. Has over five years of computer product knowledge and sales with the Emory University Bookstore. Ambitious,…
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class a tractor trailer driver also seasoned production assistant from print to feature films. over ten years exp in the florida film industry.
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Transportation Coordinator/Captain: Alone Yet Not Alone,Hero,The Trial,The 5th quarter, Eyeborgs, Red Dirt Rising, Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, The Key Man, Cabin Fever
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