We provide pedicabs for film/television/print. Licensed NYC pedicab operators also available. Body can be removed for special projects. Bike rented as prop only or with driver. In business in NYC since 2004. We know about attention to detail.
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Experience with hospitality, operations, volunteers, transportation, setup/breakdown, and site management Excel in high pressure and time sensitive events Passion for alternative transportation, urban planning, sustainability, and events production. I have strong communications and…
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I am a Security Professional specializing in TV/Film set & cast security. I also am a Parking Coordinator. I am able to wear the two hats with confidence due to extensive hands on experience. I have worked with Ru Bear/ Good Hands Security, & with Wayne Petrucelli. I am well loved by any crew…
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Hi. I'm Baldev Samanic, I'm looking for PA with van jobs in the NYC area. I lived in Queens NYC and know the entire city very well. I have a Sprinter cargo van with 5 passenger seats. It has lots of cargo space and nice seating. I have been working in Film&Photo production for eight years as a…
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 I worked for the Board of Education for fourteen years as a School Aide. I am also an Auxiliary Sergeant for the New York City Police Department for twelve years. As a School Aide I have had an opportunity to work as a Pupil Accounting Secretary and Administrative Aide. I have obtained…
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The transportation you need is here waiting for you to use for your staff or clients. We have access to other vehicles that can be used for your transportation needs. The rate for the town car is $45 an hour plus gratuity and fuel surcharge please call to get full rate of the other vehicles in our…
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2+ years experience on set. Hard working and talented.
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office production assistant, production assistant, set production assistant, talent driver, runner
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NYC subway atmosphere.
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